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Under the leadership of Kay Cook, Desert Bells International, Inc. has provided an environment in which youth not only learn about music, but also acquire valuable life skills such as responsibility, commitment and confidence for their future endeavors.

Many of our students are in need of financial assistance.  Their parents in many cases work 2 to 3 jobs to just make ends meet. 

The students have the desire, ability, and the fortitude to succeed and they just need a little help.  We are reaching out to the community and seeking those worthwhile students to enable them to participate in an excellent program. 

Many of our students come from Title One Schools, such as Palo Verde Middle School in Phoenix, AZ.

Desert Bells widens childrenís worlds.  They learn to be committed, they build their self esteem, they develop dexterity and poise, they develop public performance skills, they master music fundamentals, their involvement encourages teamwork, and it all promotes accountability.  In total, they learn to be a valuable asset to society.  

Your contribution of $10, $20, $50, $100, or more will be so worthwhile toward building a future for these young people.  If many people like yourself could make small donations on a regular basis Desert Bells could recruit and train so many more than we do at the present.

Beautiful Music

Desert Bells International is a youth-oriented handbell ringing program, which endeavors to build self esteem and strong character by teaching musical skills and synchronized teamwork to each of its members. Desert Bells fosters respect for individuals, while cultivating poise, confidence, and stage presence through performance, while encouraging accountability and commitment to the group. Desert Bells creates a rewarding and fun musical environment, where each ringerís potential may be realized and put into life-long practice.


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